Human Resources

Keeping up with the myriad aspects of HR management and employee benefits administration can be a challenge for any company.  Human Resource outsourcing solutions can help you improve your processes and control your costs.

Your Employees are Important

Maybe you are looking for a complete HR solution, perhaps you are simply interested in an HR consultation or maybe you just need help with a few human resource projects.  Either way, Brighton Benefit Solutions has an option for you. Brighton Benefit Solutions can assist you with one or all of the following:

  • Development of Policies and Procedures
  • Employee Handbook
  • Complete New Hire Orientation
  • Unemployment Claims Management
  • Personality Tests
  • Exit Interviews
  • Performance Reviews
  • Wage and Salary Surveys
  • Job Descriptions
  • Compliance with ADA, FMLA, FLSA, & EEOC
  • Employee Disciplinary Actions
  • None-Compete & Confidentiality Agreement

Outsourcing helps your company focus on your core business.

Whether your small business is too small to even hire a human resource person or large enough to have your own HR department, Brighton Benefit Solutions can assist you with a variety of Human Resource functions.  According to a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, 28 percent of human resources professionals say that “saving money” is the number one reason for outsourcing.  Other reasons they cited included “better focus on strategy” (23 percent), and “improve accuracy” (18 percent).  Out of the 53 percent of businesses who currently outsource, nearly 30 percent say that outsourcing their HR functions helps them focus on their core business

For the small business owner, some of the most important functions to outsource are the more tedious and repetitive ones, such as payroll and employee benefits administration.   Many up-and-coming companies also depend on external recruiters to help them find the right candidates for key positions.  Brighton Benefit Solutions can assist with all or part of your recruitment needs.


When convenience is a factor, it’s a lot easier to work with one company than it is to work with five or six.  Instead of offering only one facet of a company’s administrative functions, Brighton Benefit does a myriad of business functions – human resources, employee benefit administration, payroll and more.  Our clients enjoy the ease of working with one reliable organization that can play a variety of important roles.

Brighton Benefit Solutions will take the time to get to know your business and learn as much as possible about it.  We will familiarize ourselves with your corporate goals and objectives, and help you find the best people so you can achieve them.

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